Dragon Quest 11 Capture Chart Part 1 | God’s Rock → Ishi’s Village → Delcadal Castle


Opening Movie

  1. Monster’s suspicious shadow and castle picture in the rain
    The king is a secret conference like a couple
  2. King 1 “That girl”
  3. King 2 “There is no mistake”
  4. Monster raid in the castle
  5. The Queen escapes with a baby and a daughter but is chased by a monster
  6. The queen becomes a decoy and commits a baby to her daughter.
  7. My daughter sheds a baby to the river.
  8. The baby is being washed away by the river
    Mayor of Ishi picks up Ako nice to Momotaro
  9. After 16 years
  10. The main character (handsome) is watching from the top of the tree far away
  11. A childhood friend Emma (cute) comes to pick me up (Why do you happen to have beautiful women of the same age in this small village)

God’s Rock

  1. After the opening movie, after you can move it should go on the way!
  2. Basic tutorials from villagers on the way
    It tells us
  3. Talking with the village chief “Dan” in front of the bridge, he talks about the crowd about adult’s ceremony.
  4. Battle with three slime before Battle Dungeon of God
  5. Enter the dungeon of the god ‘s rock
  6. Going all the way, “Maruro (Gakincho) is attacked by a demon.
  7. Enter the boss fight (I recommend you to remember Mela above level 2!)


Points of boss strategy | Two smokes (HP 20)

  • Since smoke will avoid attacks with considerable probability, if you set the level of the main character to 2 before the boss war, you will be able to defeat it comfortably to remember “Mela”. (KO with 2 melons!)
  • When the MP runs out, “Ema” will recover in the small vial, so let’s sparely attack with spells!
  • After the boss war, the event happens when going to the back!
  • While looking at the scenery it makes me feel good with Emma
  • After the event, I returned to the way I came and moved to the foot of the mountain
  • Talking to village chief “Dan” event occurred, to “Ishi no Mura”

Ishi’s village

  1. Because there is a hero’s house in the northeastern part of the village, when you go there, an event occurs
    It will be night. When going out and talking to “Emma” in the south, event occurrence
  2. Talk to Perla.
  3. You can tell from the perla that the hero is the reincarnation of the brave.
  4. Leave the Ishi village and head north to the Delcadar region!
  5. Event occurred in a hut in the middle
  6. Because you can rest in the hut, you can do HP recovery and save.
  7. Cross the cave and the river to the Delcadal Castle

Delcadaar Castle | Target Level 5

  1. Meet Delcadares king
  2. Event occurrence
  3. The King of Delcadal “The brave is a child of the devil” is perfectly attributed.
  4. Suddenly, a soldier is pierced with a blade and put into a prison.
  5. Meet the blue prisoner ‘Camus’ in a prison.
  6. Examine the back of a prison
  7. Proceed to be missing
  8. When it finds it becomes a battle
  9. At level 5 you will be forced to struggle quite a bit, so let’s not find it.
  10. I encountered a dragon on the way through the Delcadaar underground channel
    It becomes a fellow who runs away from the dragon.
    It also escapes to Ishinomi Otaki, and soldiers are driven to a cliff.
  11. The first person, “Camusu” becomes a friend.
  12. Camus “I believe, a miracle of the brave man, my name is
  13. Camus. Remember me.”
  14. So jump off the cliffs together in a couple of hours and it will be the opening here.

This opening movie flows and makes you feel the beginning of a magnificent story


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