Dragon Quest 11 Capture Chart 5 | Dahala Marshland → Town of Daharune → Cave of the Spirit Water → Traveling to the Ship


To Dahala wetland

  1. Going west from Samadhi kingdom has a point of contact.
  2. You will be able to go to the Dahala Marsh area as you will be able to pass by the traffic test received from King Samadhi.
  3. Going to the west, go to “the town of Daharune”

Town of Daharune | The town of the sea flourishing in the shipping industry

  1. Event occurrence when arriving in town
    I go to the dog, but I can not bring a ship. The reason is because of the “Sea man competition” event. Because the town mayor is managing the dog, we decided to go straight to the topic.
  2. I am going to talk to mayor “Rahadio (fat old man)” but they do not keep in touch
  3. Events where “Veronica (Lolita girl)” gets involved in Gakincho when going out
  4. Although the mayor’s son “Rahim” appeared, it seemed that the voice could not be heard with an unexplained curse a few days ago.
    If “Twitter’s Mitsu” means that the curse will be solved
    “Mitsu of twitter” can be collected at “cave of the spirit”
  5. To go to a cave of a spiritual wilderness.
  6. “Spirit cave” is in the west from “Daharune town”

Quest | Letter to Tomorrow

  • Here is the sister of a letter tomorrow, so if you give me a letter you get a “small medal”!

Dahara Marsh Points | Can be riddled with Aoba cavalry

  • You will be able to fly the sky if you defeat the Aoba cavalry. With that power you can move on water too!
  • There are several floating islands in the Dahala marsh, so let’s get the treasure chest with that power!

Spirit cave | target capture level 18

  1. If you go far enough you can reach “Kiyomizu”
  2. Boss in the back? “Sea golem 2 body” appearance
  3. Attention is needed because HP200’s enemy, attack power is strong. As sleep attacks and manuçars work, so let them fall asleep!
  4. Get “Twitter’s Mitsu”!
  5. Back to the town of Daharlune

Appearance monster

  • Dark jar
  • Sea golem: the enemy of HP 200
  • Numbness jellyfish: note paralysis attack
  • Termination of slime
  • Matango: Attention to sleeping attack
  • Mad hand
  • Magical day

Town of Daharune

  1. Events occurred when entering the town. The town is the atmosphere of the contest.
  2. I am asked to take a good place for Silvia (Onene kyara)
  3. Event occurrence when going to the central square of town
  4. There is a “Delcadal soldier” led by military leader “Homer” and forced battle
  5. Even if we lose to battle, the event goes forward
  6. There is also support from Veronica and others, even escape is captured by soldiers only by “Camus”.
  7. Camu recapture strategy
  8. In order not to be able to find as much as possible to the enemy soldiers in the city, going to the middle of the middle high bridge and event occurrence

Boss ‘Homer’ | HP 800 degree

  • Normal attack: About 50
  • Dolma: It’s about 50 basic damage, but when you runaway you have a great deal of damage
  • Mahotol: It is difficult to recover when magic is sealed, so it would be nice to have a lot of “medicinal herbs” etc.
  • Sword guard
  • Silvia has “Bicycle”
  • Sena completely recovered, assistant
  • Veronika prevents “Dolma” with Magic Barrier
  • When you kill Homer, an event occurs
  • To go on a boat journey with a Silvia ship
  • It is involved in the Great Squid, but it is helped by the ship of Daharune, who is on short notice.
  • Thank you for replying to the mayor’s son’s voice
  • Get a ship.
  • Merchants with “branch of rainbow” to “Pandelphon region”
  • One way to aim for “Pandelphon region”

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