Dragon Quest 11 Capture Chart 2 | Guided Church → Delcadal Castle → Napugana Jungle → Village of Ishiki Ishi


A brave chased you | Association of guidance

  1. After the opening movie you can save.
    The main character awakens with the word of Camus “Hey, get up.”
  2. In association of Qatar, Camus and the main character.
  3. The leading character who was in the position of the inquirer
  4. Since I have an old woman sister as I leave the room, an event occurrence
  5. From Sister “Two prisoners escaped, now the neighborhood town is told that the pursuit is thrown in a rich atmosphere.” Sister still seems heroes are not aware of that pursuer.
  6. Consulting Camus and future policies, it is dangerous to return to the village of Ishi.
  7. Because there are memorable things of Camus in the castle town of Delcada, we decided to go get it. (You are more dangerous)
  8. Formally Kamu becomes a friend.
  9. Follow the map north from the hill of Delcada, go to the castle town of Delcadal in the northeast of the map
  10. Dangerous monster: Killerpancer (Let’s raise the level and try to beat it)

Delca D’Ar Castle Town · Lower part

  1. Event occurrence at the dumping ground in the lower and middle part
  2. Up to the destination inn
  3. Event at a lodging general inn
  4. Female general (Athletic system Madam) “We speak a lot about Camus and acquaintance etc.”
  5. Apparently Kamu wanted to regain “Orb”
  6. I will aim for the castle town, but the gatekeeper disturbs and I am not good at dogs so I will search for a dog
  7. A cheeky brat has a dog. Give me red berry and holy water and lend a dog.
  8. Redberry: Available by examining the hills of Delcadal
  9. Holy water: Available for purchase at 20G with town equipment
  10. Take the dog and take him to the soldier and the soldier will escape. (On the contrary I feel like being suspected of being dubious)

Delcadal Castle Town

  1. I aim to become a mansion of “deck” in the castle town north.
  2. As I pass through the rope from the house near the church, I can reach the house of Deku
  3. Event occurrence at Desk’s mansion
  4. Deck (a shabby little butterfly): Apparently Daeku and Camus are brothers, and Desk loves Camus as Aniki.
  5. “Orb” returned to the king, he started to trade with the prize money and succeeded, Dek had hands turning the hero from the castle escaped.
  6. Duku “It was actually a nice guy” turned out.
    It seems that Orb’s place is located in Delcadal Temple by General Greyg.
  7. But from here it is necessary to go beyond ‘Napugana jungle’ to aim for “the Temple of Delcada”.
    “Napugana jungle” is a dangerous place that can not be missed twice once it enters once (Although it is not such a thing at all (͡ ゜ ͜ʖ ͡ °))
  8. One line is to aim for the Temple of Delcadal
  9. After the event, I go out to the field from the lower level of the castle town of Delcada.
  10. Proceed south of the hill of Delcadal and aim for a nap bunny jungle

Napugana jungle

  1. An event occurred at a camping site of a jungle.
  2. “Alchemy” will be able to do
  3. I meet friendly “dirty dogs” at the camp site.
  4. Examining the “Konomi” in the east of the map, event occurrence, reminiscence begins
  5. Old reminiscence: An old man in a lumber resentfully broken the bridge, “Mischievous Devil” is converted to a dog by a man as a man.
  6. Little dirty dog ​​= Lumped as a woodcutter.
  7. To go ahead, “Bridge must be revived”
  8. In other words, thinking to restore a dog with a woodcutter
  9. Examining the treasure chest at the west end of the street, “mischievous devil” appeared. battle!

[Boss] Naughty Devil

  • HP: 150
  • Sometimes 15 gigs in 15 damage
  • I will not use big skills after Gira, so let’s recover.
  • Also use WHOME
  • After the boss war, the dog returns to the old man to have the bridge repaired. The bridge is healed in a moment.
  • The hero touches the root of the tree and the mysterious reminiscence begins is the miracle of the big trees of life, the trees of the big trees of life seems evidence of the chosen one
  • Crossing the bridge you faced and going south.
  • From Delcadaar to the village of Ishi

Ishi’s village

  1. It looks like a peaceful village, but something is strange without knowing the main character somehow
  2. Event occurrence when returning to home
  3. Even the mother “Perla” does not know about the hero. My son is still 6 years old.
  4. Did you come to the past?
  5. Since I have a young Emma and a dog in the south, event occurrence
  6. There is a hero and Emma in childhood.
  7. Communication. The hero of “childhood” talks normally
  8. The mayor seems to understand the hero. I will talk about the circumstances so far.
  9. Betrayal by King Delcadal, to speak the truth
  10. Instructed to dig a triangular rock of Ishi Otaki
  11. The village chief will disappear through
  12. Events occur when returning to Ishi village
  13. Apparently the village seems to have been devastated as a result of raising the devil’s child by the Kingdom of Delcada.
  14. Emma’s life and death is unknown
  15. Leave the village and aim for the Otaki of the east of the Ishi. Examine triangular rocks
  16. Event occurrence, found wooden box
  17. A letter from a real mother “The secret of the birth of the hero is revealed, it turned out to be a prince of
  18. Huguenor and a brave man.”
  19. It also contains letters of the mayor
  20. Get the stone of Magoo!
  21. First of all, in order to fulfill the purpose of Camus “recapture of orbs” to aim for the Delcadal Temple
  22. Temple of Delcadal | Aim for the target capture level 9 or more

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