Dragon Quest 11 Capture Chart 4 | Samady region → castle town → subdue the descapepion


Samadhi Region

  1. To aim for Samadhi castle town
  2. If you have “Homsubi Traffic Bill” that you got at the village of Homura, you will be able to go to “Samadee Region” from the southwest “Homsubi Mountains”.
  3. Proceed westward in Samadhi region, first to Samadhi Castle Town

Samadhi Castle Town

  1. Event occurrence when going to the throne of the castle
  2. I have a king, but I have something troubling, there comes a prince.
  3. You can see the foolish Prince and the baka’s interaction.
  4. When you tell the Prince you will be told to come to the Prince’s room.
  5. Events occur when going to the prince’s room
    In order to get a rainbow-colored branch from the prince, you are asked to cooperate
  6. I’m asked to come to the circus at night
  7. What you do at night can be adjusted at the inn.
  8. There is a prince in front of the entrance to the circus
  9. Event occurred at the circus
  10. “Silvia” appeared as a traveling performer
  11. Venue to watch the show in Silvia crazy for circus
  12. Because the prince can not ride a horse, he is asked to go to the Furis Cup
  13. I will go to the Furis Cup with the rainbow branch as the condition.
  14. The main character looks at a line with a meaningful face “Silvia”
  15. Since there is a Prince Faaris in the race house, event occurrence
  16. Disguise as Prince, participate in the race!
  17. Sylvia will also participate in the race.
  18. Silvia proved to be perfectly a honor characte
  19. Horse racing rules are explained
  20. Even though Silvia is perplexing but early, even if you win or lose the event goes forward
  21. Even if I lose to Silvia I praise from the prince, the branch of the rainbow will manage somehow
  22. Silvia appeared there, and the change was to be balanced. To be fascinated by Silvia
  23. Event occurrence when going to the throne of the castle
  24. The news that the desert scorpions came out.
  25. The king who rose tension asked the prince to punitive
  26. I will be asked to capture monsters from the prince.
  27. Dogeza is terrible
  28. When going out, Silvia becomes a friend with NPC.

Desperate slayers are slaughtered | target capture level 14

  1. At this timing, the number of parties will be five, so battle is quite easy, so it is recommended to raise the level in this state!
  2. Going west to the Samadhi region, you are in the right place. I can not go through usually, but because I am a
  3. Prince’s request, I will be able to pass
  4. Fountain of recovery in the middle and save point
  5. Event occurred in the center of the desert
  6. The boss “Descopion” appeared when Prince Baka etc played
  7. To change to the prince of Gakuburu to fight

Boss cheat | Descapion

  • Fundamental direct attack centers
  • Overall attack such as sandbreath
  • Sometimes you will eat a blow at the center of attention (possibilities of blowing death if it is Veronica)
  • I am trying to get a mess
  • Silvia will cancel the confusion at Tsukkomi
  • It is possible to lower enemy’s defense capability with Luca 2
  • An event occurs when you kill the descopion. I raise scorpions.
  • Events occur when returning to the castle town of Samadhi
  • Although the prince is praised for subjugation, the scorpion revolts again
  • Sylvia comes into the aid to defeat the scorpion while the prince fights, although he is fickle.
  • The prince whirling all the facts to the king
  • The rainbow branch was sold to the peddler and the king confessed
  • The hawker said that he went to the Daharune region in the west. I will receive a “Traffic Certificate of Seki” from the King. I also get a “bow gun”
  • To go to Daharlune one way
  • When going out of the castle town, officially “Silvia” becomes a friend
  • I went to Darhane one way and decided to aim for a rainbow branch with “Ship” owned by Silvia

Quest | Letter to Tomorrow

  • Quest that occurs when you can go to Dahala Marsh. We are asked to pass a letter from Apollo in the Dahala marsh to the sister in the city of Daharune

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