Dragon Quest 11 Capture Chart 3 | Delcadal Temple → Homsubi Mountain → Village of Homura → Underground Labyrinth of the Wilderness


Temple of Delcadal | target capture level 9

  1. When reaching the temple, a large number of soldiers are collapsed. Everyone is breathing away
  2. Since there is no recovery point in the dungeon, it is recommended to take recovery items (herbs)
  3. Since the boss is quite strong, we recommend raising the level.
  4. Since the dungeon itself is not wide, it is good to accumulate experience values ​​while going out several times and repeating recovery
  5. Fight against the boss ‘Ivil Beast’ at the bottom

Monster List

  • Imp
  • Karakuri Egg: When you knock down you can ride, you can make a big jump
  • Smoke
  • Hoimi Slime
  • Metaphi

Boss | 2 ibil beasts

  • HP 125
  • High offensive power
  • It is recommended that you first defeat one by intensively attacking one
  • It is easier to recover if Camu has many herbs
  • If you have level 10 you win first
  • After the boss war, get a red orb
  • Events occurred when aiming for “the traveler’s hot spot” in the east of the Delca Costa region
  • Encounter with the Kingdom of Delcadal
  • Even though it is chased by General Grave, the magical stone glows with a nice hair, to the dust of a traveler
  • Warp to the wilderness in the wilderness
  • Please note that you will not be able to return to
  • Delcadal for a while in order to go to another area!

The child of the devil worshiping disaster | Homsubi mountains and Hinonogi volcanic area

  1. Let’s aim at “Homura no Sato” in the west of the map from the wilderness in the wilderness
  2. In the wilderness there are churches and tools
  3. Nothing happens even if I go to Hinonogi volcano at this stage

Appearance Monster

  • Garuda
  • Receiving a strong enemy!
  • Drum goat
  • Troll
  • I want to have decided
  • Slime Bess
  • Druid
  • Rabbit Rabbit

Village of Homura | village feeling somewhat Japanese style

  1. Event occurred when entering village
  2. Camus goes somewhere
  3. Event occurred in front of the bar. Veronica (Young Lolita) first appeared
  4. Conversation event with the main character. I am looking for my sister and walk away.
  5. When entering the steam bath in the northeastern part, there is Camus.
  6. Because I have a lost child “Ruko” while talking, I will cooperate.
  7. Because “Veronica” is also wearing at the entrance of the village, event occurrence, to go to a tavern with
  8. Veronica
  9. At a tavern, talking with the master, listening to the younger sister ‘Seña’, he learns that he left the village.
  10. I will join my colleagues if they want me to find a sister together from Veronica, and I will aim for the labyrinth of the west. “Ruko” for the time being neglected
  11. Because there are quests at the village of Homura, it is good to do it

Quest 1 | Parent’s mining exercises

  • Reward: iron sword recipe
  • Gather and transfer the oyster

Quest 2 | Praise of a forge curator

  • Reward: Cross Boomerang
  • I will receive ‘Kin no Kokori’ from the treasure box next to the client and make more than +1 equipment with mysterious forge.
  • Strengthen the boomerang and get a cross boomerang!
  • At the moment, we recommend you to get it because it is an enhanced item that you can not buy with weapons.

Wilderness underground labyrinth | target capture level 13

  1. Aim at the underground labyrinth of the west of the map. Levels should be raised up to about 13 to enrich weapons and armor etc
  2. Veronica will fight without permission

Capture point of labyrinth of wilderness 1

  • Attention to the pitfalls | There are many treasure chests, but it will fall if you go straight to pick it up

Attention Point Capture Point 2 | Three shining trees in every part of the labyrinth

  • Since there are three shining trees, let’s examine everything.

Capture point 3 | There is a spring of recovery

  • Since there is a fountain which is a recovery point in the middle, it is better to raise the level based there

Capture Point 4 | Skull Rider

  1. You can get over the monster’s skull rider and you can get over the wall with footprints
  2. At the fountain of recovery in the middle, joined with “Seña”
  3. Apparently Veronica was robbed of magical power

Boss “Dender Ichigo” in the back

Boss strategy | Denda Ichigo

  • Dender HP 250
  • Three hops HP 67
  • Cold aside after heavily breathing gives 40 damage to everyone, so be careful
  • First of all, beat each one by one. At first it is a difficult task but if the child is gone,
  • Since Veronica and Sena never die, if the enemy breathes in, the main character and Camus should be guarded.
  • Sena will assist you with Hoimi, Scala, etc.
  • Veronika is not very useful, but it gets shielded occasionally, so it will become a shield
  • After the boss war, Veronika regains its magical power.
  • I did not return to the original figure, but the magical power came back. As young as a young man looks positive. Standing position of complete tsundere rolling factor
  • Sena and Veronika see the hero as a legendary brave man.
  • Events occur when going to the back of the cave.
  • Discover the father of the lost child “Ruko”!
  • Liberate a bad father’s faire “Le Pas”
  • Automatically return to Homura no Sato
  • Waking up and going down, event occurrence
  • Listen to the mission of Sena and Veronica sisters
  • The hero hears that he was a legendary brave and knocked down the god of evil spirit.
  • I hear that it is necessary to go to the big trees of life I need the means to go to the sky
  • At the bar, “Le Pas” was information famous for the back society
  • To listen to the information of the big tree of life from Le Past.
  • To aim for a piece of big tree of Samadhi region,
  • Here, formally “Veronica” and “Seña” will become friends

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