Dragon Quest 11 spoiler strategy chart 7 | Soltiáan coast → town of Sorico → entrance of white → navy muna village → submarine kingdom

Dragon Quest 11 spoiler strategy chart 7 | Soltiáan coast → town of Sorico → entrance of white → navy muna village → submarine kingdom

Soltiana Coast

  • Town of Daharune
  • You should go straight to the town of Dahrune in the ruler!
  • Take the boat and go to the “Soltya Coast”
  • Go to the north as it is to “the town of Sortico”

Appearance Monster

  • Ivil Beast
  • Ghost parasol
  • Gust
  • Sea golem
  • Slime Knight
  • Daio kids
  • Dragonfly
  • Drago slime
  • Higurashirase
  • Merman
  • Magic Lips
  • Magical day
  • Shrimp with a diaper: pay attention because it attacks twice attacking power

Sortico Town | Casino and vacation spots visited for vacation

  • Events occur when entering the town
    “Silvia” goes out of town. Something is wrong
  • I decided to go to the mansion of the town ‘s best’ Ziego ‘. When the largest mansion goes to
  • “Jiego”‘s house, event occurrence
  • Gentleman “Cesar” welcomes you. Also familiar with the wax
  • Because GEEGO is absent, Cesar will release “water gate” instead

Quest 1 | My wife is strong

Injured the Sea Golem that appeared on the Sortiana coast and got “Momoiro Coral”. Give a tourist couple “beast whip recipe” get

Quest 2 | Showdown! Gundada pirates

Get rid of the Gandhada team on the southern island of Delcada and get back “black pepper”. The remuneration is “Recipe of the big thief costume”

Quest 3 | Oh memories of bunny

Let’s equip “Masutina” “Rabbit belts” “Bunny suit” “Amaizui”. Costume recipes are available at the casino. Remuneration does not collect “garter belt” (͡ ° ͜ʖ ͡ °)

  • Return to the field and return to the ship. And go over the water gate!
  • The title of the hero becomes “the brave man who rows into the ocean”
  • Going through the water gate, proceeding down the street, entering the Utsumi event occurred
  • Mysterious fog occurs
  • The place where I passed through the fog landed in a mysterious “white incense”.

White incense | The strange atmosphere is gone It’s like a visionary place

  • A suddenly pink hair mermaid appeared. Its name is “Romia”
  • Teach the fate of the mermaid.
  • And lamenting that promised fisherman “Kinai” does not come to the meeting place Romia
  • I am asked to search for Kenai from Romia
  • As a condition for that exchange we decided to take the ocean floor kingdom
  • The ship will move safely thanks to Romia
  • Firstly we aim for “Knagumun Village” where Kinai is located
  • Going west from “White Irene” to “Nagyumun Village”

Nagimuna village | Fishing village in the southeast part of continent like Okinawa

  • When I get to the village my colleagues are moved by the scenery!
  • Villagers also have Okinawa-like dark-skinned skin
  • I am looking for kenai
  • Grandma’s picture-story show event occurred
  • Contents of mysterious story of fisherman and mermaid
  • The grandmother turned out to be the mother of Kinai
  • Kinai seems to be killing the Kragagon in the western sea.
  • I will go to the plague of Kuragon one way.
  • When you leave Nagimuna village and go west, there are places where ships can gather
  • Go and fight with “Kragon” when you go.
  • Big monkey’s monster

Boss ‘Clagon’

  • About 1500 main body HP
  • About 300 tentacle HP
  • Attack of Kragon
  • Kogi: 50 damage

Banukureru: Randomly damage 20 times 4 times

Shake the ship: 30 damage on the whole + effect of foot sweep
Freezing Snowstorm: 50 damage on the whole
Omaiko: let the whole sleep
Call a friend: Resurrect the tentacles
See the situation

You should attack the main body anyway!
The tentacles will quickly resurrect the body of Kragon.
The second time weakens the tentacle HP
Because the sleeping attack works, Larry Ho also turns on Every turn turn asleep
Because it is a batting attack main body, strengthen defensive power with Scurt
When you defeat “Kuragon”, event occurrence
Surrounding fishing boat is delighted
Welcome to the village.
At night, the villagers are drunk in the party
I go to see Kinai in the south of the dock. Event occurrence
I told that Kinai is not me.
However, it knows that the mermaid opponent is grandfather “Kinai Yuki”.
That was about fifty years ago.
Kinai Yuki was carrying a mysterious baby.
The current kenai may also be the mermaid grandchild
If there is something to pass, the brush will land on the beach
Receive “veil of promise” from Kenai
I am asked to tell the mermaid the death of my grandfather
“White cove” can go with “ruler”.
Event occurrence when speaking to Romia
Tell the truth to Romia, hand the promise of veil
Romia waits at the beach to take Romia to Nagimuna Village
Events occurred because the goblins will take you to the beach
Kinai and mermaid face-to-face events occurred
The truth is told
Mermaid’s life span is 500 years
Tell the hero that the thank you put in the white cove
Mermaid Romia replaces legs with humanoids.
“Romia” that came back to the sea and disappeared as bubbles
A letter is pinched in a picture my grandfather wrote.
I decided to nurture the former child of Danatra
Kinai who knew the truth tells the main character a thank you
When you go to the white cove you get ‘Mermaid harp’! With this, it will be possible to go to the ocean floor kingdom.
One line is to aim for “submarine kingdom”
Submarine kingdom Murea | Mermaid country in the sea. The mermaid queen is governing!
If you move to “Nelsen no yado” with “ruler” you will be able to do quite a shortcut
Go to the southwest and go to the target point, there is a “pillar of light”.
“Mermaid harp” will allow you to go to “submarine kingdoms”
Event occurrence when arriving at the ocean floor kingdom
There are beautiful mermaids here and there (There are also some amusing fish like Hargon) Basically men are Hagon fish people, women are mermaid type. Gender inequality is rational!
Talking to the queen in the palace event occurred
Queen “selenium” bitch girlfriend!
“Green Orb” is ordinarily given. Do not have a dungeon exploit.
From the queen “selenium” it is given the title of “a witness to love without love”.
Point | There is no inn in Murea, but it will recover when you talk to the mermaid on the side of the bridge
One line is to aim for the next orb

Quest | A longing for the yearning

About the song heard in the past I listen to the story in the town of Darhane.

The remuneration is “Gurakos no Yakitori”


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