【Dragon Quest 11】 Playstation 4 (Playstation 4) Version Four Features


Dragon Quest 11 (Dragon Quest 11) will be available from 3 models of PS 4, 3DS, Nintendo switch
Dragon Quest 11 that is scheduled to be released on Saturday, July 29, 2017!

Compatible models also come out from a wide range of models such as PlayStation 4 (Playstation 4), Nintendo 3DS, and switch, so I’m worrying about which model to buy from honestly.

Introduce basic information such as price of each model

Model Price Price Release Date
PS 4 version 8,980 yen July 29
3DS version 5,980 yen July 29
Switch version Unknown Unknown

I do not have any announcement yet for the switch version, so I will update it as needed as soon as it is released.

This time we will introduce the features of Dragon Quest 11 PlayStation (Playstation) 4th edition.

Dragon Quest 11PS 4 version

  • Taste beautiful graphics to fill the screen
  • Price is higher than 3DS version
  • Potential for PS4 version only may be added
  • 9 saved data

    Let ‘s take a look at each one one by one! It is!

    Features of Dragon Quest 11 PS 4 (Preste 4) Edition Part 1 | Beautiful graphics to immerse yourself in the world of Dragon Quest
    After all it is a prestige version, is not this the biggest feature?

    A world of Dragon Quest spreading throughout the home TV screen.

    You can enjoy it with beautiful graphics that can not be expressed in Nintendo 3DS.

    Dragon Quest has a unique and vast world view, and I think that it is still the PlayStation 4 version, in order to enjoy it to the maximum.

    Music is also one of the big charms of Dragon Quest, but also PS 4 version can enjoy it to the fullest.

    The graphic of Dragon Quest 11 is similar to the graphic of Dragon Quest 10!

    Dragon Quest 10 is still playing now 10.

    It is said that there are many additional elements in online games, and some players are still strong.

    According to those who are currently playing Dragon Quest 10, the graphics of Dragon Quest 11 are almost the same as Dragon Quest 10.

    Several years have passed since Dragon Quest 10 was launched, and it seems that the graphic is steadily improving as an additional element, so it seems that Dragon Quest 11 was created based on the base of Dragon Quest 10.

    Features of Dragon Quest 11 PS 4 (Preste 4) version Part 2 | Price is 3000 higher than 3DS version
    Although we are already comparing here at the beginning,

    PS4 version is 8980 yen, 3DS version has 5980 yen price difference of about 3000 yen.

    This price difference is also a feature.

    Features of Dragon Quest 11 PS 4 (Playstation 4) version Part 3 | Features unique to PlayStation 4 version may be implemented?
    In the 3DS version, there is an original function called “passing by communication”.

    There are also rumors that the original function will be implemented even in the PlayStation 4 edition.

    Features of Dragon Quest 11 PS 4 (Preste 4) version Part 4 | Number of saved data is 9!


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