Dragon Quest 11 | The Nintendo 3DS version features two screens and two battle styles!


Dragon Quest 11 (Dragon Quest 11) will be available from 3 models of PS 4, 3DS, Nintendo switch

Although it is Dragon Quest 11 scheduled to be released on Saturday, July 29, 2017, since the corresponding model also comes out from a wide range of models such as PlayStation 4 (Playstation 4), Nintendo 3DS, and switch, I’m worried about which type to buy from honest It is place.

First, introduce basic information such as price from each model

  • Model Price Price Release Date
  • PS 4 version 8,980 yen July 29
  • 3DS version 5,980 yen July 29
    Switch version Unknown Unknown

There is no announcement yet for the switch version, so I’d like to update it from time to time.

This time we will introduce the features of Dragon Quest 11 Nintendo 3DS version.

The point is roughly four points below.

  • The price is cheaper than the PS4 version.
  • You can choose both 3D and 2D screens.
  • You can also choose a battle system.
  • You can enjoy it anytime.

Features of Dragon Quest 11 Nintendo 3DS Edition Part 1 | Enjoy 2 play modes on the top and bottom of the screen!

First of all, introduce from the most prominent yesterday!

Nintendo 3DS has two upper and lower screen, but the field of Dragon Quest is displayed above and below the screen.

The top is represented by the 3D map of the current time, the bottom is represented by the 2D map of the dot, the world is always linked up and down.

Players can operate while watching screens like up and down according to their preferences.

The operation method is very easy!

If you operate with the slide pad, you can enjoy it with the 3D map of the time!

Move the slide pad on the upper screen to operate the 3D screen.

By the way, if you operate here, it will be symbol encountered.

Below is a nostalgic 2D map

You can operate this way by operating the four-way controller.

If you operate here, the battle will be a random encounter.

Features of Dragon Quest 11 Nintendo 3DS Edition Part 2 | Two types of battle methods can be chosen!

In the PS 4 (Playstation 4) version, various monsters are walking on the map expressed in 3D, only “Symbol encounter method” which enters battle by touching that monster is only.

This battle system is a system adopted after Dorakue 8.

However, in the Nintendo 3DS version, in addition to this “symbol encounter method”, if you are walking in the field used up to Dragon Quest 7, you can enjoy fighting with “random encounter method” encountered randomly with enemies .

“Symbol encounter system” “Random encounter system” You can play with whichever you like, but how to select it is to operate with “3D map” introduced earlier or “2D map” You can change “anytime” depending on whether you operate it or not.

“Symbol encounting method” is automatically adopted by operating with “slide pad” and encountering monster on 3D screen.

If you operate on the 2D screen by operating with the “four-way controller”, it will be “random encounter”.

The operation can be switched at any time, and it is linked, so you can enjoy your play style with your mood at that time.

By the way, if you introduce the battle method of past drakue series

Dragon Quest 1 Random encounter
Dragon Quest 2 Random encounter
Dragon Quest 3 Random encounter
Dragon Quest 4 random encounter
Dragon Quest 5 Random encounter
Dragon Quest 6 Random encounter
Dragon Quest 7 Random Encounter (PS Version)
Symbol encounter (Nintendo 3DS version)
Dragon Quest 8 Random Encounter (PS 2 version)
Symbol encounter (Nintendo 3DS version)
Dragon Quest 9 Symbol Encount
Dragon Quest 10 Symbol Encounter

And it will be like this.

Up to Dragon Quest 8, it is mainly “Random encounter method” with Dragon Quest 9 and beyond and remake work is “Symbol encounter method”.

Because the symbol encounter method is easier to avoid a battle with the enemy, this degree of freedom seems to be higher.

Dragon Quest 11 Features of Nintendo 3DS Edition Part 3 | Anytime anywhere you can enjoy!

Naturally, Nintendo 3DS is a portable game machine, so you can enjoy it anywhere.

Features of Dragon Quest 11 Nintendo 3DS Edition Part 4 | You can interact with various players by passing each other.

Since it is supposed to be possible with the Nintendo 3DS version, passing communication like Dragon Quest 9 is possible, you will be able to get various items.


What did you think?

When I summarize it again

The price is cheaper than the PS4 version.
You can choose both 3D and 2D screens.
You can also choose a battle system.
You can enjoy it anytime.


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