Dragon Quest 11 spoiler attack strategy chart 6 | Pandelphon region → Grotta’s town Mask martial arts festival → Grotta underground ruins → Huguena castle ruins


To Utsumi

  1. You will be able to operate the ship
  2. A battle with an enemy occurs in an encounter manner while the ship is moving
  3. I go to the Pandelphon region heading northeast.

Pandelphon Region

  1. Start from the dock at the south
  2. As you go north, you will find “Nelsen’s Inn” so stay there

Quest | Guidance of paradise

  • Request of the priest in the inn at Nelsen, if you defeat the undead man with the cooperation technique with Sena Oh! When you clear it gets “peace of love”!

Appearance monster

  • Undead Man
  • Ivil Beast: High offensive power, “Bagi” will also be used
  • Okovolt
  • Kanakitachi
  • Killer Panther
  • Thugs
  • Stone man
  • Tap Devil
  • Tomato Mare
  • Mage Chimera

Grotta’s Town | A fighting town where twilts from around the world gather

  • Heading north from Nelsen’s inn, go to “Huguenor region”
  • Go to the road to “the town of Grotta”
  • When entering town you will be told that the event “Mutsumai” will be held
  • Event occurrence when entering a big building in the front
  • The rainbow-colored branch was a winning commodity by how a fighting party.
  • Talk to the reception and event

Kamen Martial Arts Event

  • “Martina (deca milk)” and “Row (erogeji)” first appeared. I have a mask.
    The protagonist will form a champion with the champion of the previous convention “Humphrey (Gorimaccio)”.
  • “Young lady” is entwined when going out, but Gorimacho is helping
    Start overnight and talk to “Humphrey” and start qualifying

Contents of Kamen Battle Meeting | Target Strategy Level 18

  1. The basic “Humphrey” is strong, so you can leave the battle, but the opponent is also quite strong.
  2. If it is OK, the hero will be okay even if “emphasis on defense” is important!
  3. It is more efficient to cooperate and hit people Humphrey is attacking together

Qualifying | Velominman and Gallemlin

  • On the way, the event that Kamu participating in is kicked by
  • Martina (I want to be kicked)
  • It will automatically win and go to the final.
  • Be careful not to be aware of “Humphrey” from Martina before the final
  • Event occurrence as you go to orphanage
  • Humphrey is looking after a child at an orphanage.
  • Humphrey is from an orphanage and is eating with prize money
  • The room of Humphrey is devastated
  • You are advised to stay at an orphanage.
  • And to the martial arts final game

First race of the final | Vivian and Sideria

  • I wish you a merry combination!
  • Both are about 300 HP.
  • It attacks with Begirama etc, and also uses Baehmi pretty nasty! (MP runs out along the way)

Lady Massive (Silvia) and The Handsome

  • Both HP about 300
  • It tends to be pinch because it is considerably offensive power
  • It is good to take the handsome first

Martina and Row

  • Before fighting, Humphrey drinks a mysterious small bottle
  • Martina has a basic batting attack (damage about 30 to 40)
  • Row uses baehimi too much troublesome, also uses magic of Hidaruko
  • Help us to wait a minute
  • After battle, forced battle movie
  • I notice the aza of the hero’s hand, kill and defeat it.
  • After the victory, Humphrey suddenly collapses holding his chest suddenly (probably too much medicine drinking)
  • After games, events occur when staying at an inn
  • Row (erotic) visits the room and is asked to call a companion
  • Martina (Decapai) has been missing, so I’m being asked to help me find it
  • It seems that she was missing near an orphanage
  • Go to the underground of an orphanage to “Grotta underground remains”

Grotta underground remains | target capture level 21

Appearance Monster

  • Undead Man
  • Clattery
  • Zombie throbbing
  • Skulls Minister: Let’s first defeat zombies as they call it
  • Troll: High offensive power and danger
  • Mage Chimera
  • Metal slime: Let’s hunt!
  1. Enter from an orphanage, but monsters appear
  2. Events occur when going to the back
  3. Hansrow takes “Martina” and calls Arakratro
  4. Because I want to suck out the extract, it is told me to give out, but Martina wakes up and fights back.
  5. Araklatro (the big-buddy of the big spider) got scratched by Graig and made a grudge
  6. Hansrow was getting power by drinking the extract from warrior.
  7. A battle with Boss Battle “Arachlatro”

Boss Strategy | Arachlatro

  • HP 1250
  • Attack: 50 damage + poison attack
  • Tighten the thread: let the whole day take a rest
  • Medapanina: confuse the whole
  • Death Spider’s Thorn: Overall Damage + Defensive
  • Degradation Overall
  • We should seal Medapaina in Mahoton
  • HP is also high and considerable enemy
  • After battle, Hansrau’s confession
    In order to protect the orphanage, I got on the invitation of demons
  • The orphanage says “Row” will protect you
  • Automatically return to inn, event occurrence
  • To the award ceremony of the fighting party
  • To win the winning item and fight against the hero and
  • Humphrey
  • Battle with Humphrey
  • Humphrey’s attack will not suffer any damage and it will be easy to win as it is weak
  • To the development that the winning product should be stolen by “Row” should be to the main character’s original
  • Going to ‘Huguenor Castle Ruins’ waiting for Row

“Rushed spoiler” Huguenor’s castle ruins Ogoc castle destroyed by mamo 16 years ago!

  1. In order to go to Huguenor Castle Ruins, the stairs are collapsed and it is necessary to go from the well of the castle town.
  2. I learn that information from slime on the way
  3. Go to the castle site with a well
  4. As you move along the castle ruins, “Low” has appeared, and event occurrence
  5. Row “I’ve been waiting for the nice coming”
  6. I saw the hero as a brave man. It seems that he thought that the heart would stop if I saw aza at martial arts association
  7. Apparently this Huguenor Castle seems to have lived this grandfather
  8. The girl who brought the baby brave at the opening turned out to be “Martina”.
  9. The hero was the prince of Huguenor.
  10. The hero’s parents are the king and queen of Huguenor Castle
  11. And “Row” is the queen ‘s father.
    In other words, “Row” turned out to be the hero’s “grandfather (grandfather)”!
  12. The hero will visit the grave of his parents
  13. Further tell a row
  14. Row has lived just to find out why Huguenor was destroyed
    “I turned around the area and I knew that the alteration of King Alicia Delcadal who was a follower of the legendary bravon”
  15. “Since 16 years ago, King Delcadal began to evacuate by calling the brave as a child of the devil as if the person changed.”
  16. “We are spreading it to the world as a work of the brave until death of my daughter until the death of my daughter – I did not think the king was very sane”
  17. “Something is going on behind the scenes.
  18. Truth of the lost country
  19. Conversion of ally
  20. I promised that I would definitely unravel these two mysteries. “
  21. Talks with Row
  22. Row reporting the hero’s news to the dead king Irwin and Queen
  23. Eleanor
  24. Ask for the first time in 16 years to join the “Yugnois family’s spiritual ceremony” together.
  25. One way to the backyard
  26. Appearing “Martina” when going to Okuyama
  27. “The ceremony of the soul spirit” is carried out by the hero and the row
  28. Light butterfly gathered by smoke fragrant gathering, fantastic atmosphere
  29. Each leaf of a big tree is a person’s life
  30. The butterfly is regarded as the soul of a person, and it is a ceremony of the soul to send it to the big tree
  31. Further tell a row
  32. Row “Eleanor has not just died, it became a decoy to save the protagonist and the princess of Delcadal”
  33. Pass the letter left by Eleanor to the wax
  34. A tear – popping wax. I want you to be alone.
  35. To have a conversation with Martina.
  36. Martina “My mother died soon after being born with sickness.The mother of the hero carefully cared about it and made me really tender.I was really happy when Eleanor’s son was able to be created as if I had brothers in myself I felt like I saw it. “
  37. When I tried to tell the past further, I noticed that Delcadal’s pursuit was imminent.
  38. Even though it is surrounded by pursuers, Martina kicks.
  39. General GRAVE appears on a horse!
  40. Pinch of the desperate situation also surrounded by soldiers
  41. The main character is a battle with a grave, Martina and a soldier battle
  42. Grave is stronger, pinch of desperate situation
  43. Martina gathers Graig on the pinch of the hero.
  44. Grave “Masaka Martina?”? Noticed Martina as the daughter of
  45. King Delcadal.
  46. Cliffs collapse, hero falls
  47. In a hurry Martina also jumps off the cliff.
  48. I could not defend my hero to the end 16 years ago, but I decided not to release this time
  49. General Graig who looks stunned
  50. The scene changes and the hero wakes up in the hut
  51. Martina appears
  52. While warming up with a fireplace, talk about the past 16 years ago
  53. 16 years ago, Eleanor was decoyed to save the principal and the princess of Delcadaor. Escape the Huguenor Castle is also chased by a group of demons.
  54. “Martina” confessed as “the daughter of King Delcadal”
    It became a decoy and let me escape.
  55. However, a young Martina has dropped the hero in the river with powerlessness. After that Martina was aided by the wax.
  56. After that, Martina and Row returned to his home Delcadares and asked his father for help.
  57. However, my father spreading that Martina had decided that he died and he was killed by a brave man.
  58. Just to keep people’s eyes away from the truth.
  59. Row is convinced that there is a person in the background behind.
  60. They went on a journey to uncover that truth.
  61. Eventually the rain will rise and I will return to Huguenor Castle.
    In the course of returning, I encountered General Graig again.
  62. Graig “The joy of surreptitiveness for Princess Martina.
  63. But I have not given up yet the brutal suppression. The command of King Delcadal, of course, is a top priority. “
  64. Martina and Grave become a battle
  65. I will chase the Martina, but hesitate to attack.
  66. Aiming at that gap, the hero who takes a Graig’s horse and leaves the place and Martina
  67. Graig is totally evil
  68. The scene changes, finally at the Huenor Noir castle track, it fulfills the confluence with other colleagues.
  69. Row convinced King of Delcadal that demons are stinging
  70. “True enemy is” Urnoga “That is the incarnation of wickedness that continues to make a bigger influence than long ago, and I am convinced that I’m catching Delcadaor now.
  71. The hero says he is in fate of fighting that evil spirit ‘Urnoga’.
  72. Row that hands rainbow branch
  73. Even if you have a rainbow branch, the hero can not see anything.
  74. “Martina” and “Row” become companions.
  75. When leaving Huguenor Castle ruins, “rainbow branch” is hiked
    Put 6 orbs on the altar, and there you can see “big tree of life”
  76. Not only the hero, but other members also see the sight.
  77. Row had already “yellow orb”.
  78. “Red Orb” and “Yellow Orb” will gather and will collect the remaining four orbs for a big tree of life.
  79. I will go on a journey of ‘orb gathering’ for Ulloga to overthrow!

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