【Dragon Quest 11】 What is different between PS (Preste) 4 and 3DS? Is it?


Dragon Quest 11 is released from PS4 (PlayStation 4) and 3DS 2 models!

According to the title, in Dragon Quest 11, it will be released from 2 models.

Although the contents of the story are the same, there are many parts depending on the compatible model, so we will introduce that point.

Graphics differences | PS4 is a beautiful and vast 3D map

In the case of PS 4 (Preste 4), the world view of Dragon Quest is expressed as “3D Map”.

This is the same screen display as Dragon Quest 8, 10 etc.

It is probably the biggest feature of the PS4 version that expresses a beautiful and vast world view at any rate.

Graphics differences | 3DS can enjoy both 3D and 2D maps.

On the other hand, in 3DS version you can enjoy on 2 screens of 3D and 2D depending on the top and bottom of the screen.

Also, the 3D version of the character is different from the real head of the PS 4 version, the character is pretty expressed.

Also, on the 2D screen, for those who are familiar with Dragon Quest from long ago, it is displayed in a very nostalgic retro 2D screen.

It is close to the screen represented by Dragon Quest 1 – 6.


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